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Overview of Protein and Oil Products

BlueWave has the rights for utilization of newly developed, patented technology for the production and commercialization of specialized oil and protein (Peptide) products for Feed/Food/Pharmaceutical applications. The end production in the manufacturing process results in the production of 2 primary BlueWave products:

FPI (Fish Protein Isolate)  = An isolation of Low Molecular weight Peptides + Nucleotides  (<10, 000 *Daltons)

FPC (Fish Protein Concentrate) =  A combination of protein + high Omega-3 fat (lipids)    (<100,000 Daltons)

Both FPI and FPC contain extremely high percentages of highly digestible/soluble proteins, with unique nutritional properties for the animal feed and human consumption markets.

In addition to protein based products, BlueWave also produces high EPA/DHA omega-3 fish oil products. Utilization of fresh raw material and specialised manufacturing techniques result in a low FFA, high purity fish oil.

Background Information

Proteins are organic compounds. They constitute most of a cell's mass. They are not only the building blocks from which cells are built, but are also involved in nearly every cell function. The various functions of proteins within an organism is enormous, for example enzymes and antibodies are proteins. Proteins also make up muscle and hair.  In fact, DNA ONLY contains genetic information needed to construct proteins, portraying their vital importance.

DNA encodes genetic information as segments, known as genes. Each gene contains information to make a protein from amino acids, the building blocks of proteins.

Research over the last 30 years has demonstrated the absorption of amino acids as peptides (small polymers of amino acids) constitutes the greatest form of amino acid absorption by gastrointestinal tissues. Rather than completely breaking down a large protein to simple amino acids for absorption, whereby the body then has to rebuild them to peptides, a more efficient method is through ingesting and directly absorbing the peptides.

All animal stomachs contain acids and enzymes to break down and digest food. FPI/FPC essentially mimics the work of the stomach as it contains peptides of a certain molecular weight, allowing faster passage through the animal’s stomach and into the intestine where it can be absorbed by the circulatory system. This is the basis of improved weight gain / improved feed conversion.

Long term benefits have been shown to occur through ingestion of peptides from fish by-products as the peptides are found to have natural antioxidant properties.  An antioxidant is a molecule capable of slowing or preventing oxidation. Although oxidative reactions are crucial for many life processes, they can also be very damaging; hence plants and animals maintain complex systems in order to maintain levels of antioxidants. Low levels of antioxidants can cause oxidative stress that can cause cell death. Oxidative stress is thought to be an important part of diseases, notably stroke and neurodegenerative diseases.  

Amino Acids Proteins


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* Dalton is a unit of molar mass, 1Da = 1g/mol